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Solidus Care

Let's get solid

At Solidus Care we stand for easy to use. Take the perfume wherever you want, without worrying. With our solid perfume, you choose to go through life in an environmentally conscious way and at the same time have a nice fragrance around you. We guarantee that the ingredients we use in our products are of high quality and will benefit your skin.

About us

Solidus Care was founded by four enterprising students with a passion for perfume. The company started in the spring of 2020. With the amount of perfume that is wasted today, we want to introduce a change in the use of perfume by offering it in solid form.

How to use?

Open the tin and apply some of the Solidus fragrance on your fingertip.

Apply the Solidus perfume on your wrist, behind the ears or in your neck.

Close the tin, put it in your pocket or favorite purse and take it wherever you want.

Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals. We use only pure natural ingredients that benefit the skin.

We make the solid perfumes ourselves. This gives us control over the entire production process and allows us to be transparent.

Our perfumes are SLS free, which means that they don’t contain irritating substances.

During the production process we only use natural and vegan ingredients.